Alexandra Prince

The queen of House


Live, Love & Feel Music

What does a song need to reach the Top of the Charts? Without question, it takes a good sound and a catchy melody. These factors alone, however, are not enough to make a song a ́hit`. What really makes a difference is a convincing, characteristic and recognizable voice. Alexandra Prince has exactly this voice that nearly every serious music listener in Germany and Europe has heard.

Since the song “So many Times“ by Gadjo feat. Alexandra Prince became a massive international club hit in 2005, Alexandra earned a place as an established, well-respected and well-loved House-Diva. The song which she not only sung but also wrote, reached Number 1 in the Worldwide Dance Charts, and number 22 in the official UK Single Charts.

A really important moment for the artist was undoubtedly her outstanding performance at the House Music Awards in the UK, at which “So many Times“ was nominated as “Best Song“.




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Booker: Sonia Ordoñez Alcantara

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