Gold Artist in Germany & Poland

His debut single „The Passenger“ with Gabry Ponte & LUMIX went viral and got serveral gold certifications with over 90.000.000 streams.



If the opposite of good is evil and there are good and evil DJ ’s out there, then D.T.E is definitely both. He captures the crowd with his big heart and evil sound. D.T.E feels home in the Hands Up & Dance music genres like Hardstyle, House, Future and Electro.

His career started off when he was 17, as he began touring around Germany with online radio „Technobase.fm“. Since he started progressing in his DJ and producer career his heart is beating in sync with the thundering beats. With the rhythm in his blood he gathers experience and impressions as an artist all around the world. Dennis combined his love to loud Music and his passion for traveling the world as part of the AIDA Cruises crew. His talent was honored with the „AIDA DJ of the year“ award back in 2017.

2020 became a breakthrough year, as D.T.E got signed up with Spinnin Records as an artist. Their debut single „The Passenger “ together with Gabry Ponte and LUM!X went viral and got gold certification with over 90.000.000 streams. D.T.E has the ability to fascinate every crowd with his magical sets and his likable nature. He not only touches the turntables but even more important, the hearts of the fans with his music and shows.

A brilliant musician, who has the ability to not be forgotten by the crowd, due to his sensitivity, ambitions, temper and persistence – playing his sets right into their hearts. Music is his opportunity to fulfill himself and to do what he lives and breathes for – together with his fans.

2020: Signed up w/ Spinnin Records


Clubshows, Festivals, Private Events, Radio/TV Shows







Booker: Sonia Ordoñez Alcantara
E-Mail: sonia@weykup.com

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