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Lugging around Vinyl for ages and traveling through the clubs all over Europe, buying and burning 10000+ compact disks labeled with permanent markers, looking for the coolest and hottest new tracks on the biggest download store ́s platforms, due to put them in a somehow sensible order on an USB stick – and nowadays making his way up to the DJ Booth with controllers you wouldn ́t really call handy….!

Whatever there will be next, TMSN is going to be there – as the evolution of DJ culture has been moving him since the beginning.
His goal however, has remained the same throughout the years. Creating emotions, moving people and giving them a damn good time.

As he has been doing THAT for almost twenty years now, he certainly knows how it works and he LOVES proving it on countless Parties, Events, Fashion Shows and yes ! also on weddings. He feels at home on (almost) every musical playground and as you wish, there is (almost) nothing, that couldn ́t run through the speakers.

Whoever is concerned about references, can get a long list of Partners he worked with in the last couple of years. Those who are more interested in the music are invited to invest a little time to listen to one or more of the mixes. Both, of course, is also an option.

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