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Laura Zimmermann

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Laura Zimmermann is one of the few in her field who manages to transport a classical instrument into modern pop culture. She has been playing the violin since the age of five and the piano since the age of six. As a child, she won prizes in numerous competitions with both instruments. At the age of 15, she was awarded a scholarship to St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh, where she intensified her musical education. During her time at grammar school, Laura played numerous concerts and radio recordings in Germany and abroad as a member of the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie and began her music studies at the University of Music and Theatre in Munich after graduating from high school.

After successfully completing her studies, Laura moves to Los Angeles, where she quickly makes a name for herself as an electric violinist. She plays at events in Universal City, Malibu Hills, Hollywood Hills and in the trendy clubs of Hollywood. Back in Germany, Laura now plays concerts, clubs, festivals and other events all over the world. Laura always manages to inspire the audience with her unique sound and her positive charisma.

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