Individualists, authentic, a bit crazy, highly creative and incredibly talented.
– Our WEYKUP! artists

Which artist fits your event?


A breath-taking and thrilling combination of club sounds and a live show – this is DJ PLUS +. The live ensemble of DJs and musicians, which can be hired flexibly, ensures constant variety and spontaneity, and always seeks to connect with the audience. The innovative fusion between DJs, live musicians and vocals, paired with a thrilling stage performance, fascinates people across the generations. In addition, the DJ PLUS + combination has always been surprising with its modern style. It achieves the highest level of creativity and emotions in the musical presentation of current songs and well-known, all-time classics.

Whether it’s a club or a large show stage: with the fusion of creativity, passion and flexibility, the DJs and live musicians are ideal to book for the most varied events and occasions:

  • Gala events
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings & private
  • Events
  • DJ plus saxophone
  • DJ plus vocal
  • DJ plus violin
  • DJ plus percussion + saxophone + vocal