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Nica Camello is a music project by Nica Velasquez Molina, born and raised in Azerbaijan, based in Germany.” With her DJ sets she inspires as a modern girl and multifaceted deep house musician.

The passion for music is literally in her blood. Her mother, an opera singer, and her father, a trumpet player, gave her the impetus to dive into the world of music herself at the age of 16. In addition to a successful singing career as a vocalist and vocal coach, she has always been interested in djing and created her own sound over the years.

Nica Camello’s own music has given her the opportunity to reveal a multi-faceted combination of pulsating deep and tech house, driven Afro beats and natural, energetic melodic compositions, often paired with her own vocals.

On stage, she is known for her ease and joy as she impresses audiences with her dynamic, natural composure and expertise.

As an artist, Nica greatly appreciates and is inspired by sharing music with people in different places around the world and creating memorable as well as emotional moments through her music. About herself she says, “I have to make music because I am music!”


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